Saturday, August 11, 2018

Ionic 4 Debug With Chrome Sources

In Ionic 3, it was easy to find source .ts code in Chrome's developer tools "Sources" tab for debugging. In Ionic4, it's difficult to find.

In Chrome developer tools "Sources" tab drill into:
webpack:// > . > src > app

Ionic 4 + Capacitor Calling Local API Blocked Mixed Content Error

Ionic 4 + Capacitor app running locally on device. NodeJS + Express + MongoDB API running local on http (not https).

Can hit local API successfully when running Ionic in browser on API url localhost or IPv4 address (e.g.

When running on device (connected via USB) get the following error on all API calls (in Chrome developer tools network tab): (blocked-mixed-content)

Add: "allowMixedContent": true
To: \capacitor.config.json