Friday, January 8, 2010

IS How to Create “In List” Filter Criteria for a Custom Report

Version: Interprise Suite 2007 SP4 ISE

Interprise Suite reports allow filter criteria to be specified including the “In List” option that allows values to be chosen from a list.  When designing a custom report based on a custom view, follow these steps to allow selecting filter criteria from a list (for a specific report field):

  1. Go to System Manager > Manage Data Dictionary and choose the view (the custom report is based on).
  2. Choose the column and in properties set:
    • List Type = Dynamic List
    • Pull Down Table = (name of table to list)
    • Pull Down Column = (name of column in table)
  3. If you’ve already created the report you may need to delete the filter criteria and add it again.  If you’re creating a report from scratch be sure to add your filter criteria columns when stepping through the report wizard.

e.g. If you want to show a custom invoice report with the ability to filter by invoice code then set Pull Down Table = CustomerInvoice, Pull Down Column = InvoiceCode.

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